Investment Planning

We work with clients to articulate and prioritize their values and investment objectives. Our experienced team is well-versed in a broad range of investments, and develop recommendations to optimize our clients’ personal financial situation and overall tax efficiency.

Risk Management

We ensure that appropriate and cost effective life, disability and critical illness insurance are in place for business and personal needs. We work with clients to develop a comprehensive long term strategy to ensure that they are financially prepared for the unexpected.

Tax Planning

JV’s tax strategies allow our clients to effectively manage their overall tax positions, minimize their tax burdens and simplify their financial lives. We ensure all elements of the financial plan are coordinated with each client’s professional tax advisors.

Cash Management

We coordinate corporate and personal cash flow and debt management. Using each client’s unique situation, values and goals as a guide we help to prioritize cash flow between savings, debt repayment and lifestyle expenses.

Retirement Planning

With a goal of removing as much of the guesswork as possible, we focus on clients’ personal goals and values to build a comprehensive retirement plan that instills confidence and peace of mind moving towards and through retirement.

Estate Planning

We ensure that estate planning documents reflect each individual’s personal and financial goals. Effective planning allows for estate maximization and for efficient transfer of assets to the intended beneficiaries or charities.

Succession Planning

JV Financial Group specializes in working with business owners and self-employed professionals. We ensure that operating businesses have an effective succession plan and appropriate funding mechanism that allows for a smooth transition of their business and into retirement.

Education Planning

We understand the importance of helping our clients invest in their children’s future. Taking into account time frame, cash flow and government programs, we ensure appropriate and tax efficient funding is in place for education objectives.

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A Common Goal

JV Financial Group is dedicated to helping our clients create, preserve, and distribute all aspects of their wealth in accordance with their values.